Yay Oops Try

Formerly ‘the bucketlist’. Pretty much an inner narrative of how I’d categorize stuff I’ve done and want to do in life that pretty much describes me as a human…


Things I’m pretty jazzed to have accomplished

– Yoga Teacher Training, I don’t teach but learned a LOT about myself and made some pretty great friends.
– Uni Degree + a Certificate done while working
– Own a home – currently not adding a whole lot of value
– Married the love of my life
– I’ve become decent at making Challah bread, see fail for sourdough
– Ran 3 marathons
– I converted to Judaism
– I’ve spent a month volunteering in each Cambodia and Peru
– I travelled to all of these places…
Americas | Bahamas, DR, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, USA
Australia| Australia, New Zealand
Asia| Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Africa| Botswana, Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia
Europe| Czech Republic, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, UK, Vatican City
Middle East-ish| Israel, Jordan, Turkey


Times I wasn’t so swift but are kind of entertaining
– I have been in hospitals in Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam and India
– Made sourdough bread including starter from scratch. I’ve learned that whatever it costs to support local and buy at a baker is #worthit
– I once introduced myself while volunteering in Peru to a classroom of 9 year olds as having 19 assholes… that squiggle on the ‘N’ is a gamechanger in spanish, folks.
– I also once walked across the entire yyc airport carrying a tomato dicer and some random hook that I was told was a ‘bacon stretcher’
– I signed up for last year’s MEC road races and ran 1/5


Things’to be tried’ the ever-evolving bucketlist of things monotonous and not.
– I do want to do a grad-level degree…I’m just deciding what I want to spend that much time and money on
– Getting fluent in French again (after 10 years of immersion)

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