The Bucket List

NOTE: This is very in need of rewriting.  One page at a time for revamps…

See the seven wonders: Machu Picchu, Great Wall, Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer,l Taj MahaColosseum, Petra

See the Great Barrier Reef

Go to Fiordland & Bay of islands

Go to a full moon party

Volunteer in Asia, Africa, and South America

Stay at an ashram in India

Klimb Mt. Kilimanjaro

See the pyramids in Egypt

Go on an African Safari

Survive Carnivale in Rio


Ride a Camel

Be fluent again in French, and learn to be in Spanish

Eat pho in Vietnam

See a healer in Bali

Eat vindaloo in India

Visit the salt fields in Bolivia

Climb to Everest base camp

Sleep in a hotel pod in Japan

Do a muay thai camp

Do a cross USA road trip

Have high tea in London

Learn to surf

Visit Angel Falls, Igazu Falls, and
Victoria Falls

La Tomatina

See the Namib desert

Ride the trans-siberian railway

Do a cross Canada road trip

Be in Times Square for NYE

Meditate every day for a year

Write a book

Complete yoga teacher training

Become certified in massage

Go to boat markets in Asia

Go to a night market in Asia

Go to every continent: North America, South America, Europe, Oceana, Asia, Africa, Antarctica

Run another marathon…sub 4:00hrs

Easter Island

Go Gorilla trekking in East Africa

Cruise the panama canal

Visit the German Christmas Markets

Hot Air balloon in Cappadocia

Hagia Sofia

Go to the Olympics (at this stage in my life… to watch, coach or curl)

Complete a Master’s Degree

Do a vipassana retreat



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