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Food in Oz

‘Traditional Aussie Food’…BBQ Sausages. Basically meat is aussie food…or maybe vegemite…but even still, that’s hit or miss. I’ve had Kangaroo on a couple occasions which has actually been better than I thought. It doesn’t ‘taste like chicken’ but it has good flavour and a tolerable texture. Oz probably also has the 2nd most fish and chip joints in comparison to the UK. Most serve ‘reef fish’ which sounds aussie enough to me. I’ve only tried a couple places but it’s been a great meal every time.

That’s all good fun, but what food will really ‘remind me of Oz’? Rice cakes and flavoured tuna. I’m sure I’ve already spoken about my favourite meal, but once again…Great flavors: Mexican, Italian, Moroccan, sweet corn, seedy mustard, balsamic, Japanese, sundried tomato, etc. easy open tab, low price and calorie. Extra thing corn cakes with soy, linseed, and chia…and you have brunch/dinner. I even splurged last week and got avocado and cucumber to throw in to the mix. I also got green pepper…which is actually ‘capsicum’ in Australia because green pepper would just be too easy.

I also went to subway where they have $5 6 inch subs as a deal (just an ounce of perspective compared to five dollar foot longs). 7/11 is probably the only place with drip coffee for $1…McDonalds is 3.50 for what is a size small at home. I can’t remember if I’ve already said this but the rotisserie chickens here have stuffing in them! So for a comparable $10, it might just be the best deal Australia has to offer. ..besides the triple texture kit kat bars which are basically a chocolate bar with a kit kat running through and 3 segments, one smooth, one creamy, one crunchy in either caramel, cookies and cream, or fudge…gives tim tams a run for their money. I should also add, they LOVE Turkish delight flavoured chocolate here….a discovery I wish I hadn’t made.

The Reject Shop: basically dollarama! Sad I didn’t find it earlier, but happy I eventually discovered it none the less. Cheap preserved food, chrissy decorations, toiletries, and Tupperware! Everything a backpacker needs. I should add, this is my new ‘thing’…when I ‘splurge’ [don’t buy tuna/ricecakes] I’ve bought/saved from take away a couple Tupperware containers [and salvaged plastic cutlery] so I can buy more and save it for later…Probably a great life lesson that took at 15 hour plane ride and too much money spent on goon to realize, but lesson learnt none the less.

I could really, really, really use a Caesar though…especially for the overkill hangover goon seems to give you. Gross fact: Goon ‘may contain fish eggs’. No, Simon…not caviar. After paying 10 for unlimited drinks yesterday afternoon I wouldn’t mind an Americano Misto right now either.

On an unrelated note, I’m disappointed to say that I’ve taken roughly 20 photos (if that) of Noosa. The good news is I was having such a good time that I forgot about being super touristy [except when I hiked up to the lookout point for sunset only to find a tourbus of snap happy japs cluttering the view]. I only have 2 days each in Brisbane/Surfers/Coolangata so [kind of] hopefully I don’t have too many photos either. I would also like to point out –back to food—that my hostel has free rice and pasta…another reason why I made an advanced investment in Tupperware and discounted stirfry sauce.

From Noosa with Love

I love it here.
I’ve been saying for the past few weeks that I’m a little disenchanted with Oz. Not that I don’t like it, but that I don’t like it enough to be spending what I’m spending, or to get a job to stay here longer. I would however work to stay in Noosa.

Noosa is like a beach side vacation town that has backpackers, but more holidaying Australians. It’s ‘posh’ or ‘lush’ as the brits would say. There’s tons of gorgeous shops with great clothes from cheap to pricey, there’s tons of beach, it’s big enough to have a cinema and a few grocery stores, and it’s adjacent to a national park. Anika’s list of good place criteria: running paths, shopping, cafes, services within proximity, sunny. Check on all of the above! My plan is basically to be in resort mode, I’m following the GTL regime. Gym: there’s hot yoga here!! Odd because I think it would be hotter to do yoga outside…maybe it’s air conditioned? Goon: Self explanatory. Tan: also self-explanitory. Laundry: Long overdue and luckily my bunk has ample hanging space. I reckon [look at the British rubbing off on me] if I wash 8 items a day I should be sweet in 6 nights.

Yesterday was the best day! I got up, went to Bikram Yoga ($20 for 1week unlimited!!) had an unreal practice, then met up with my friend from home, Josh, and had amazing food and drinks all day in the rich end of Noosa. I forgot [gladly] how broke I am as a backpacker. I had a crusted mushroom avocado salad at lunch. Seared scallops and watermelon punch at happy hour and amazing steak calamari, mango, cashew salad for dinner. LOVE IT. As for today, I’m in shock from bikram. Oh, I should also add at the bar I found a guy who has offered to let me clean his windows and boat for a few bucks over the next few weeks.

As for the upcoming plans, I’ve booked all the way until December 16th because it is peak season and hostels are filling up. I’m having major anxiety over this because the whole point of trotting down the east coast was to go on my own pace and see how it went and I am now ‘tied down’. It’s like the commitment phobe in my relationship life is coming out in my travel planning life. So from here I go to Brisbane for 2 days, Surfer’s Paradise (the Aussie Jersey Shore) for 2 days, Coolangata for 2 days (don’t remember why I’m going there), and Byron bay (Stoned Canadians Surfing) for 10 days followed by a 4 day surf camp at Spot X then Sydney for the holidays!