Some people –most people–know more than I do.

For great info on going abroad as a Canadian: Canuck Abroad has lots of great info.

My go-to for backpacker and long term travel to pretty much anywhere in the world: Nomadic Matt

If you’re looking to work for accommodation/food as a way to subsidize travel costs: Work Away has opportunities all over the globe!!

Jobs in Australia, SEEK, or if you want their version of kijiji check out Gumtree…Gumtree is also in the UK

New Zealand:
BBH, their hostel club/version of YHA

Cheap sell off tours at BOOK ME

Cheapest accommodation (Naked Sleep) and buses Nakedbus

Information about every Visa in the world PROJECTVISA

Information about country safety around the world SafeTravel

Book flights through Air Asia, sign up for their newsletter and get amazing deals around south east asia, to australia, china, india and more.

MakeMyTrip is the booking site to go to for India…IndiGo can sometimes be cheaper on their own website.

Hostel world/ Hostelbookers/ Agoda/ will all help you get an idea for hostels. Use your judgement as to how touristy where you’re going is. If its a city maybe look for a place, and don’t undervalue a free pick up, if its a town that you can walk just use sites as a guide. Pre booking gives up your power to barder, but if its high season its also necessary. Also arriving by train or bus you will probably be approached by accommodation reps, not at the airport. You NEED a hotel address to enter India.

India Mike is your forum for all things India.

Travel Fish is the equivalent for south east asia.

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