About Anika

airlie whitsundays 027I’m Anika. This is a blog that I started while travelling around the world for almost a year solo. This is after the blog I once wrote about the perils and humour of online dating. It was revived (this blog, not the dating blog) for all of a few posts when I first re-settled in Edmonton back in 2014, but then I left it be for oh, 6 years.

I guess I started to feel connected enough that I didn’t need to write. I always wrote so people at home could follow along on my travels. Or for some sort of catharsis. But here we are, April 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic that cancelled my honeymoon and though I love my husband, our 1000sqft. condo isn’t enough space and I need something to do while he’s playing video games that helps me get out my existential thoughts and questions or at least flush them out to something his engineer mind is willing to spitball with me about. The length of this sentence is how long it everyday feels these days.

I’m 29, from Calgary but have called Edmonton home for most of 11 years. My husband and I met at the gym and both really like food. I’m sure I’ll ramble enough in the forthcoming posts about the rest of the things that keep me up at night. No exaggeration – usually up until the 2’s.


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