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If you’re a regular follower – I know, it’s been a while.

If you’re new you’ll see that there’s over a two year gap in my posts.

So, to bring ya’ll up to speed -without wasting your whole day-I’ve summarized below.  If you don’t even want to read that, you should know this at minimum: my name is Anika (duh), I live in Edmonton (Canada), I write as I talk (quickly, with lots of ellipses and a healthy dose of sarcasm) and I really like to eat and travel.  I run so that it doesn’t look like all I do is eat; I don’t care if it looks like all I do is travel.

Anyway, this blog was started somewhere about halfway through 2012, the year I graduated university.  That same year I left for an 11 month adventure around the world solo.  Now when I think of soloing I imagine running 161 km up a mountain…but back then it just meant travelling by myself.  Sometimes it was probably a bad choice (or I made bad choices) and most of the time it was awesome.  I wrote the blog so my mom wouldn’t think something happened to me.  But then I realized if I lost wifi she’d be extra certain something happened to me.  Sigh.  I got home in late 2013, ate free food for a while vegging with my parents in Calgary then in November began a job in Edmonton.

I kept writing for a bit, I think as a comfort blanket.  Or maybe for content when my Tinder matches googled me.  In any case, around the same time I stopped blogging, I met Adam!  I’m pretty sure part of why I stopped blogging was because I was annoyingly smitten and I knew that I would only want to blog about him which would lose all my friends & followers…. and eventually probably him.  A couple years later I’m still smitten but more excited to write about our travels together (aww/barf) than just about him (which would have been totally creepy).

What else happened in the last couple years… Adam and I did the Athens Original Marathon in Greece, then went to Turkey and Amsterdam.  If I get back in to this for good maybe I’ll write backdated posts.  We then did the Dopey Challenge in Disney World this January… Do you see how annoying this would have been in the first months of the relationship? … I’ve been working at a charity for women with cancer, helping to organize PechaKucha Edmonton, volunteering on my community league board and I bought a condo!  So there’s lots of material for me to reminisce on when I get back.

…from where you say…

August 2016 will be spent in Reykjavik, Stockholm, Krakow, Prague, all around Israel (with Adam), and London.   A quick note of early annoyance: Iceland is not in the EU (but I do get another stamp!), but it doesn’t even matter that Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Rep are because they are like the only countries that don’t use Euros.  BUT I get to use a currency called the “Zloty” which is pretty great.

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