thoughts as of lately

I love the fact that February allowed me to see the sunrise every day. Sunrises and sets put a smile on my face whether I’m weathering minus 40 in Edmonton or swaying to the waves in Thailand. It did however, take my travelling to realize how beautiful they are…and they’re free 😉

When you skip the gym for a week your ego is less important than your back. Weight down.

Stampede is four months away. A lot happens before then…but I’ve also been in Edmonton for four months which has flown by. Somehow I feel like I won’t be home until I go.

I think my trip basically jinxed me for the rest of my travels. It seems fundamentally wrong to fly anywhere for less than a month. Additionally nowhere seems ‘cool’ enough…I’m of the Pyramids or nothing mentality at the moment, which could keep me Alberta locked until next decade.

I’m really really really excited for outdoor farmer’s markets this summer.

What did people do before tinder? …What do people without tinder do?

Vitamins actually make you feel so much better. #mindblown

I spent $120 on hair product this weekend. Got more compliments on my hair in 3 days than I have in three months. Best. Investment. Ever. (I don’t have a shred of care for how vain that sounds)

Suits is amazing. Apparently shot in Toronto—less amazing. If legal secretaries actually made how much Donna must make to upkeep that wardrobe I’d switch careers.

Orange is the new black…less amazing once again. One of those Netflix stole 10 hours of my life tragedies.

There’s nothing quite like foreign roommates who don’t clean and leave open cans of tuna in the cupboard to make you realize you are no longer a student, and although you are not Harvey Specter, you make enough money to live somewhere that isn’t at a risk of burning down from a perma-on rice cooker at any given minute. We are young…but not that young.

Which leads me to my final point. How are children, yes, CHILDREN born in 1996 allowed in bars?

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