This time last year,

As I’ve officially passed the departure date of my adventure I’ve come to the sad point in real life where every second conversations begins with ‘This time last Year I was…’. Specifically…this time last year I was in Cairns, Australia. Still hungover from Halloween activities, and only just meeting friends that would be massive parts of my experience in Australia. We may have even been on the Great Barrier Reef sailing trip that we accepted when a random guy approached us after our dollar McD’s burgers, tanning at the ‘esplanade’.

I am beyond excited about the new opportunities that are in my immediate future. I’ve gotten a job very in my field, and very in my interests. I’m nestled nicely into my new room in a house share a short 15 minute walk to work. I am part of a volunteer committee and have a goal to start teaching yoga by March. As wonderful as all of this is, I’m still nostalgic everyday to what my day-to-day comprised of merely a year ago.

Even my first snow fall of the year hits Edmonton doesn’t have me wishing I was back entirely though.I feel a bit like I did when high school was over…I look at the most recent pictures from the Halloween festivities in Cairns and I can’t help but think that it’s ‘old news’…that these fresh eyed travellers have hardly seen anything yet. Knowing so many of them are probably about to embark on the same trek down the Australian East coast on the Greyhound, Premier if they’re smart…they’re probably stealing wifi from Peter Pans after hours and counting down til 4 when goon sales begin. And as much as I can think of what a great time I had and the amazing people I met, I feel like ‘that ship has sailed’. So, although I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity for a vacation, I feel as though the wasted, short shorts, eye patch sized bikinis, $5 pizza Tuesdays, free bbq seeking, high school drama phase of my travels is happily and peacefully in the past.

I’m sure that my sentiments are still generally at peace with being home partially because I can still look at the last year and think of all I have done…I imagine that the 2 year mark, when I’ve been working and living a routine life for a year will be when the jealousy of old self sets in. For now though, I’m grateful both that I went and that I’ve come home. If anything, travelling and meeting aweseome people facilitated future travel and made me believe that that didn’t have to be my last big trip. I’m sure quite sweetly, while I have a week off for Christmas this year I will be able to very happily look back and see that this year I will be with family.

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