Africa so far

I got to Africa with an unexpected entry port on Tuesday as my flight that obviously got delayed (see previous post) missed the connection in Adis Ababa (Ethiopia). I think I must have written about this already…ultimately I was set up there for a night before heading to Johannesburg the next day. Flight to Joburg was amazing, way more leg space, amazing curried chicken lunch, arrived, talked to forex pre Customs who said it would all be fine to get money, got my bag, got through all the check points seemlessly then got to the ATM…

I went to ABSA and was able to take out 6000Rand (650 ish USD) then went to another 3 banks that there were in the airport as it won’t let you do a second transaction. 2 wouldn’t work and one would only allow a 2000 Rand (ZAR) withdrawal…which didn’t seem worth it with a 5 dollar fee from RBC every time I take out cash. Because VISA never told me I had a cash advance limit I tried to take more than the (standard) 500USD amount first time and the card locked. SO I had a meeting for my tour with Acacia at 6pm that night, (thank god I booked a day early), and spent 3 hours looking for atms and currency exchange in joburg….because, surprise…you can only exchange money you brought in to the country, and you can only get a currency other than Zar if you leave that day… GRRR. I might add that my free airport pick up from MoAfrika was amazing, I was truly impressed at how he tried to help me. Anyway, I arrived and my guides agreed to help me out and accept the kitty in Rand in the end.

Also, I needed a sleeping bag, but didn’t have time to get one. Thankfully I met a guywho had just finished his tour and got a hole in his that donated it to me willingly and then I had me pre trip meeting.

MoAfrika Lodge was amazing. The food was great, beds comfy and warm in FREEZING winter in Joburg, HOT shower with amazing pressure plus unreal staff.

So far Acacia Africa has been great. Our guides are amazing, so fun, laidback and knowledgable. We went on a safari of kruger today and saw 4 of the big 5, food is INCREDIBLE….lamb stew for dinner yesterday blew my mind….and the small group of 8 of us is a perfect size for sociability and personal space.

Not so much time as we are camping….soon to be in a camp where digging our own toilets is required, so I shall be off to soak in the shower…but I will do my best to keep posted, if not expect the same joyous backlog as I provided in INdia.

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