Phnom Penh 1

…I should have named this PP 4….because this is the land where nothing is in order…or even close to making sense…streets go 114, 124, 141,139…intersecting 220, 219, 229…oyee veyyy 


That makes it particularly awesome when arriving at 3 am…but, in all fairness, its the end of monday, and I arrived friday night, I’ve spent 44 dollars including all accommodation, transport, food, sim card, and the massive pack of water and breakky groceries that will last until Friday.  cheapppppy cheap.  Like 3 dollar a night cheap.  The most expensive thing is our tuk tuk to and from volunteering…and we’re working on getting motos instead. 


Anyway, what’s going on for the next bit is that my friend from home and I are volunteering at the National Borey Institute for children in Phnom Penh with orphans of varying levels of physical and mental disabilities.  If you want to make any donations please contact me via comment, or sending a message on the ‘About Anika’ page.  


It is a great place with several volunteer organizations that send people to assist the workers.  We got our contact through the Play Around the World program at the U of A..  Anyway, it is an amazing place…reminds me SO much of the orphanages we were at in Peru…same smells, food feedings, and even the kids all remind me of ones from San Megillas in Lima.  They are in groups of 12 ish with a ‘mama’ which is their mom and caregiver at the orphanage that is expected to clean, feed, and care for the children.  As volunteers we help with all of these tasks and still the day is full and exhausting—I don’t know how the women do it day in and day out as a job, and how they would do it without volunteers.  


We made it there this morning in one piece in a cheap tuk tuk and on time. Bloody miracle, I tell ya.  We had no idea about anything but it all seemed to fall in to place.  Like I said, its a bit far from where we’re staying, but when transport and accommodation is 6 bucks for a day…can you really complain?  We thought we were to work half days, but it looks like we’ll be there the full 8-4 (with a 2 hour lunch to socialize).  We have met a few other volunteers including one that just came from Africaaaa and has connections for me!! How exciting! This will be our life for the next week. Then there is 10 days off for Khmer New Year…obviously everywhere we want to go is at opposite corners of Cambodia, so we’ll see how that goes, then one more week and I’m off to Vietnam!

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