Writing is therapy. Writing is therapy. Writing is therapy.

Deeeeeeep Breaths. I’m one of those people who really loves a deal…aren’t we all? But more than loving a deal, I hate feeling ripped off. Which is why I got to the train station in Bangkok at 5am to catch a 6 hour 3rd class bus with wooden benches to the Thailand-Cambodia border instead of paying 6 times more to take an air con direct bus…and took the local back of a pick up truck transfer to the border from the train station to save a dollar over a taxi… and got threatened to get thrown into Cambodian prison by skipping the scam visa line. All because, I am a person of principle. I am that person that doesn’t care if it’s ‘only’ 5 cents…it’s the fact that I got shorted. Perhaps I should be a lawyer with my conviction…but either way it’s going to bring my notoriously low blood pressure to a boil for the next month.

They try to charge you 300 baht extra on your 20 dollar visa at a fake visa office…then they shoo you into a free shuttle…by they I mean the cops…and you get into this shuttle before you can get cash….and then you go to this bus station where the buses are double the rates in Lonely Planet…not because of inflation…where they have no ATM…or wifi…and no free shuttle back to PoiPet (the border). Its okay you don’t have cash, you pay on arrival…just 10 dollar more. It’s supposed to cost 5 dollars to get there…you’re charging me 10….plus 10…are you joking?! I don’t care if it’s only 20 bucks. But when you get here with the US cash you were smart enough to get before hand, they will make sure you exchange it for riel at a rate of 3000 to 1 instead of 4000 to 1….and you always pay with USD in Cambodia anyway. And for the record…No, these people don’t need it. Yes, many Cambodians are poor….poorer than many countries in Africa….but not these people. I would be willing to bet the 3000 thai baht I pretended not to have at the border scam to say they (‘government’ officials and the people operating this bus scam cartel) are some of the best off people in the country.

In addition to this, thanks to fellow travellers and Lonely Planet…I didn’t get one of the bus tickets from Khao San Rd for 1000 baht that then forced the expensive visa on you and made you pay for the bus to transfer buses ahha ….little victories.

Anyway….I did bypass the first line to pay over 40 USD for the 20 dollar visa…then the next place was still a scam but I pretended not to have money and cry…so they let me not pay the baht…which isn’t actually part of the fee…proof? Other people had 20, 50, 80…and ‘sure, fine’ was the answer. Here….at this bus station, I’m angsty because I got into the van after having an ‘in hindsight freak out’ regarding the almost ‘going to Cambodia border prison’ so I just followed what I knew was a scam. BUT I did break all my thai bat down to 100 bills when I left Thailand so, I have it all in separate pockets and pulled the ‘look this is all I have’…so I’m getting a bus to phnom penh for 15 dollars…which is actually close to the list price…but, it’s a crammed van, potentionally air-condition-less…and I will arrive at 3am. So, sometimes you have to just go with the scam…and hope you beat part of it. Kudos to anybody that gets through that border without hassle….(its only the Thailand TO Cambodia Poipet border). Sometimes ignorance is bliss…visas are probably actually free ahah. Anyway… I will be travelling for 22 hours in total spending 22 CAD…it would have costed 50 for a 1 hour flight…you do the math on time cost/value…and stress…

To top it off. the journey that arrived at past 2am in Phnom Penh included planks between the seats with people sitting on them for all 9 hours….g to the hetto

2 responses to “Scambodia

  1. Oh blimey. Thanks for the post and the warnings, we’re really not looking forward to making this journey! Getting ripped off is the worst, it’s makes us SO angry!! Wish us luck…

  2. you girls will be sweet….just follow signs as though you have a visa…pay the 20 at immigration….no matter how many buildings look official its not until the weird old hallway of a border office that the border is real

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