Willy caves and Fire shows

Also known as Railay Beach. Amazing!

First..I will note…if you are staying a night before taking a long tail to the peninsula stay in Krabi…you can find Great homestays for 150 Baht! its 150 to take the boat to railay…or you could spend 50 on a tuk tuk to go from ao nang and then 100 for the boat…boats from krabi drop you on Railay east where accommodation is more backpacker friendly. Which is relative…Railay is crazy expensive. We are currently in a tent to save cash which is still 300 each a night…the other bungalows my friend and I stayed in were falling apart and squat toilets for 400….

Anyway! Pranang beach is where it’s at. Got heaps of typical thailand photos which are now uploaded to Facebook and Flickr. Also visted a cave with like 100 different sized wooden carved willies…which sounds less perverted than penises….or peni? anyway…it was funny…we took an uncomfortable photo with one and got severely judged by the german man we recruited to take our mug shot.

We have also headed to Last bar literally every night to watch an old man who is phenomenal at acoustic covers and horrific at speaking english followed by an excellent dj set followed by random asians covered in tattoos swinging fire around a murky lagoon that looks straight out of the pirates of the carribean ride at Disneyland.

The beach food straight out of longtail boats that serve as drive throughs for the hundreds of tourists daily is actually the cheapest food…everything here is literally triple the cost of stuff in Krabi….c’est la vie.

Of course…my banking has gone awry and my camera wont turn on….paradise was too good to be true. Anyhow this is just a brief update…more in depth writing to come post my 15 hour bus to bangkok tomorrow eve.

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