$500 whoopsies…

So I will say that I definitely am at fault…but I will say that I have a dickhead travel agent I’m not pleased with at the moment either. Basically her email to me said “Here is the ticket for your flights to Bali on Feb 25″…and my notes from our meeting say Feb 25…So, I booked everything around the 25…So on the 24 I go to double check my flight times…and surprise! Flight was at 6am on Feb 24…

My travel agent from StudentFlights neglected to do anything to help me reschedule my flights…NO student flights locations answered their phones. I went to the Auckland airport (I was flying Auckland to Sydney 10 hour lay over then Syd to Bali) where every flight to Sydney was over 900 dollars…On the phone JetStar said there was nothing they could do…

My AMAZING friends Jen and Marissa were on it from Canada…Marissa does scheduling for work and was able to get in touch with Jetstar and get me a muchh cheaper…but not that cheap…transfer til Saturday…so One more week in Auckland in food and hostels, change fees, and a new flight from auckland to Sydney…

It makes it quite entertaining to me that I have been going out of my way to save 40 cents on yogurt, and one mis-read equals half a grand… Definitely not a mistake I’ll be making again…*Eye roll to self, finger to Student Flights*

I will say on a side not Flight Center has been amazing for trying to help me with my RTW itinerary and were the only ones here trying remotely to help me out even though it wasn’t their error.

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