Getting Lost

No…not metaphorically…this isn’t a deep revalation post…it’s a how can one person be so intuitive with directions one moment, but still end up lost in the wrong end of town late at night so many times.

I went exploring in Wellington tonight, figured I’d do a nice pre-walk of tomorrow morning’s harbour run and walk back through the city to see where all the good bars and cafes were…somehow I ended up walking towards the airport (I think) and had a cab driver pull up beside me and say “sweetheart, I can tell you’re too proud to ask for directions, but unless your using or working you’re gonna wanna hang a left ahead and walk quick”…at least he assumed I wasn’t working?

I should also add that I meant to include in the last post that I also got lost while going through tracks in Picton (THE SMALLEST PLACE EVER)…which also led me up a hill…and then in the end I had forgotten my camera. I’m at the point where if my head weren’t attached to my head, I’d lose it too…

Anyway. Wellington is a stunner of a city. It’s like melbourne minus the crowded, minus the tram tracks,and plus nice kiwis!

So, usually my strategy in new cities is to run myself lost and find my way back…but in the spirit of heading to Asia soon I think I might hold off and actually use a map once and a while. I did however find my way to the hostel without a map earlier today based on what I looked up on google maps last week, so who really knows where my head’s at.

I also popped my Taiwanese roommate’s Fish n chip virginity…she’s been here SIX months “I’ve had chicken and chips…its the same?”…”NO IT IS NOT”… Anyway…she ate the batter and 3 fries then put it in the fridge and microwaved it at 10pm and said sushi in Japan is better…no shit?

That is all.

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