Riding in Cars with Boys

Really this is a couple dumb anecdotes that I forgot to share…Mom, just remember I’m alive today and forget what you’re about to read.

1…sometime between Christmas and New year in Sydney. I had just put my brand new weekly train pass through the wash. After panicking and sharing my story with the Bondi Junction supervisor so frantically he decided to give me a new one. Pure kindness of the heart…and in my mind… All Australians are SO nice and friendlly….

later that day..more so that night…I’m having a night of escapades in King’s cross…which is sex, drugs and rock and roll Sydney styles…didn’t know that at the time though. Anyway, I worked at 8am the next day, it was 2:30 am. I had been walking back and forth to the bus but forgot first to buy a ticket then my phone. As I was walking back to get my phone a guy pulled over and asked where I was going…’just back to the cross’…asked if I wanted a ride…and “all australians are nice and friendly”-remember…. so sure… so against what all mothers teach their daughters, I got in the car with a stranger…who proceeded ask me if I was working and what my rate was. After asking to get the **** out right away, he refused and drove around for 20 minutes trying to convince me I was pretty enough.

I would like to say that of all the nights I’ve been out I probably looked least like a hooker that night…shorts, a tank, and flip flops…hair by that time in a ponytail…anyway, I got out, got my phone, got to the bus, got home….and got zero sympathy from the boys.

2….maybe 3 days later? we were out in the city at scruffy murphys. once again, work early in the morning. So approaching 3 I decided to ask when the bar closed like a true grandma, his answer: 7ish. As All our friends had coupled off or disappeared I decided I’d suck it up and shell out the 40ish bucks it would cost for a cab home.

Got outside hailed a ‘cab’…hopped in, gave my general address ‘half way between bondi junction and the beach’ and half dozed….15ish minutes later I came to the realization that there was no credic card machine…

“do you have EFTPOS?”….”No, I’m not actually a taxi”…..of course not…just a random unmarked white van. Anyway…he got me to my street where I stood outside Domino’s waiting for him to drive away before stumbling home only beating my roomate that walked by 10 minutes. Bright side, I didn’t die and only ended up paying 10 bucks (all I had) for the ride home….not so bright side…I think that the reverse of ‘3rd time’s the charm’ might just come true…so I am extra afraid/cautious of every vehicle I get in these days….because lezzzbehonest… if that were Thailand, I would not be alive to retell these tales…

And no, I woulnd’t do that at home…yes I was drinking…I know I’m an idiot…and no I won’t do it again.

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