Complete awesomeness!!!


Probably because I discovered Fergburger (photo) which is amazing and cheap and fresh….basically what I ate for my only meal at 3pm daily…works out to like 10 bucks Canadian.  Pure awesome.  The Southern Sline has beef patty, avocado, bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion, aoili, bbq sauce. GO… not negotiable. There is also a sushi place that is like Subway…basically you make rolls like ou would make a sub choosing what you want and how you want it rolled–excellent!!


Otherwise its amazing on its own.  Kind of Banff with more water.  Only 13,000 permanent residents with heaps of backpackers in for drinking and hiking in summer or hitting the famous NZ slopes in the winter.  Tons of great bars including COWBOYS…a shitty rendition of a country bar, Ice Bar…never open….but still there…world bar, which had the best music ever, basically a mix of live top 40 covers mixed to dance to and a house DJ all in one, then other random places, including the beach where you actually can legally drink!


There are sweet botanical gardens…and EVERYWHERE in aus/nz has gardens so that’s saying something! lol  They have a million hiking tracks, a gondola, and TONS AND TONS of adrenaline activities.  Everything from the Nevis bungee, to the bridge (worlds first site), canyon swing, rafting, river surfing, downhill mountain biking, and every other form of adrenaline blast you could want.  They also have a 24/7 tanning bed thanks to the lack of ozone layer so sunscreen up. No, I didn’t bungee, the furthest I got was hiking…but I didn’t want to spend 300 on something I don’t actually want to do/that lasts 10 seconds…plus the highest is in South Africa anyway…go big or go home.  And the rest of it, we pretty much have at home….’Rockies snob’ as the lady at travel shop would like to call me.


Seriously so much fun, and the people in NZ are (with a few exceptions both ways) way more legit than oz…the travellers at least.  They are way more down to earth…flip flops are acceptable…the Germans speak English…in general I think fashion wise NZ is just a decade behind which works out well because that’s the era most of my travel clothes are in.  (zip of pants have been seen a few too many times). 


ALSO a positive. bottled wine is more cost effective than goon.  Just imagine how happy (ish) my liver and taste buds are 🙂


I should mention I flew into Christchurch which you can tell used to be a gorgeous city but was super depressing to see the earthquake ruins.  Makes you think about how disastrous it must be for 2nd and 3rd world countries…hence why I moved on….


Went to Wanaka and Lake tekapo on the way…both gorgeous.  Basically stopping there on my way to Queenstown ridded of any feelings I had of missing Oz. …that is until I took a cruise to the milford sounds which were STUNNING and met a girl who hooked me up with a potential job in Perth….but we will see.  Back to the point, Milford Sound in Firordland National Park was ridiculous.  It’s like the rockies surrounded by ocean.  Never mind the ride out was great.  I took the Jucy Cruize tour and we stopped at heaps of places along the way on the way there including te anau where we went to the pie shop and had amazing wine marinated venisson pies… (pies definitely beat oz!).   And I am aware that I over use ‘heaps’ but that’s because it’s the only evidence left of my time in Oz…the accent is gone :(.


Next! Franz Josef glacier (which I probably won’t pay to do with ice picks because once again….rockies snob), then Nelson & the Marlborough region which is supposed to be just like Byron!! then Wellington….this month is gonna go quick!



As for logistics take a look at nakedbus.com  they have by far the cheapest buses and they have 15 dollar accommodation at most backpacker go-tos….I’m talking a quarter the price of kiwi bus or stray!  



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