It’s all in the cards

Travel Injuries, NO FUN. At first I just thought my fall would yield a nice scar and a good story…but its also costing me weeks in the sun and water, the cost of bandages and disinfectant, and has gotten me nowhere near enough pity.

I’ve been eating out WWWAYYYYY too much, and going to tarot card readers and solo movies because there`s NOTHING else I`m allowed to do .

On that note, I went to a tarot card reader and got the disturbing news that I already know my future husband…vomit. Obviously I don’t really believe this…it’s a massive party trick. But it makes you think…surround yourself with awesome individuals….cause one day you’ll marry one of them….double vomit.

She also said I’d have a career involving media…with social media’s constant evolution I don’t see how that could ever not be true…but whatever…what else…oh she said 2013 would be a year of dramas in my love life…but that she wanted it because it was so passionate. I just want Marissa to teach me how to knit and never leave my house again if that’s the case…I’m all drama-ed OUT. Jesus. Travelling with mostly people in their early 20s that have dropped out of school to travel is dramatic enough. Its’ like first year lister drama on heroine, wasted on goon. The best part is NOTHING is going to work out because you don’t meet people in ‘real life’. You meet them in ‘I’m drunk, you’re drunk, we’re both half naked (swimsuits), and you look alright, I can’t keep upping my ‘number’ want to be together’ land. Once you’re back to ‘I’m going to use my brain, go to my job, pay my rent, and cook more than sandwich tuna on rice cakes land’ which I will add is probably a different continent….let’s see how that goes for you.
All of this angst because I was running away from 19 year olds on rocks while drinking goon. And also because the doctor didn’t want to use glue or dissolving stitches.
Then I walked down the street of Nimbin, where I forgot to bring my camera like a total genius. Basically it’s a drug filled hippy town of grannys trying to sell you special cookies…not because they’re made with love ;). There was a palm reader…best 10 bucks spent so far (I paid him even though he said I didn’t have to)! He started by telling me he knew what I wanted to know. I was confused, palm readers aren’t psychic or typically very descriptive future clairvoyants, they mostly stick to the personality trait stuff. But Peter came out guns a blazing “you’ll be married by 35, you’ll probably be with him a solid decade though because of your intense trust issues. By the end you’ll have anywhere from 2-4 kids to show for it…it is somewhat unclear, maybe 2 pregnancies, and more children?” My thought: Frick that’s old, I better deal with my trust issues…and THE STRETCH MARKS WITH TWINS….but if I’m 35 I could afford a surrogate, “continue”. He got very excited just as Alberta, the tarot reader did, and said oh my! I will read you forever without charge. At first I thought, sweet Jesus…then I figured, I have one life to live…might as well be a sick ass, complicated, exciting, passionate one, right? He continued to say I have a gift for writing and that I was boundlessly creative. I continue to find it hilarious when people tell me to be creative. Mostly because Ms. Wheatland told me in grade 12 that I had terrible writing and a lack of imagination. I have always held on to that and believed I was just inherently a terrible writer. Anyway, back on point, he told me that a day without creativity must see intense adrenaline, and a day without that results in binging on sugar. I feel like the man knew me. I’ve been eating this damn passion fruit chocolate daily in Byron because I can’t run and I’ve yet to really figure out this ‘creative power’ people seem to think I have. This ‘gift’ as they call it. He said I am self-disciplined, mildly irrationally anxious, and appreciate beauty. I feel like that’s traits of a Libra? I ruin every relationship because I always think long term and can’t handle accepting a fling or short term commitment. I love to present in front of people, being the center of attention gives me a thrill and I have the energy to project and share so I might as well. I’m witty. I am competitive and driven like one parent and reserved to keep harmony like the other. Then he started talking about the beauty and purity of my skin and how they would have hid me in the hills and taught me tapestry until they found me a worthy mate to keep my beauty pure…I think he saw me tune out to ‘dude how many shrooms have you had today’ land. He brought me back by saying that I have a busy brain. He told me to discriminate between thoughts, to smile at every thought that wasn’t sound. Somewhat like what Anna told me, and this will be my mission for the next month. The other thing he told me was to give and take instead of compromise….but I feel like that one will be a good long read after some introspection so I’ll leave it with you to contemplate for a few. He said I’m strong, but too strong sometimes as I can give and give and give and receive none in return until I’m so far exhausted that I break. That I’m compassionate but only if I find it to be a worthy cause, if I don’t I have no empathy at all because I believe it was ‘their fault’. My emotions run at extremes; I’m elated or irate, not happy or mad. I relate strongly to young and old, but the group in between I judge severely. Probably because I only want to associate with people I find to be equally as brilliant as I, and that doesn’t leave many people. He said I don’t enjoy much of life because I’m too busy moving to the next bench mark, which is probably the most true thing he said (next to the busy brain thing….if you haven’t realized how jumpy this post is…I didn’t actually take drugs in Nimbin, promise). What else…that I’m serious. I have a great smile, but it takes a lot to earn a genuine one. ….all based on the wrinkles in my hand. For those who know me…CREEEEEPY…for those who don’t, you now know me better than I know myself.
Oh Byron, it’s been a slice: A lot of introspection, way too much time with my busy brain, way too much junk food, not enough running, and a lot of rain. Either way, since being here I’ve felt ok with leaving Australia, and I have started to genuinely believe that this next little while of not having a clue what I’m doing might just work out in the end. Even without counting all the psychic, hand reading, commune party stuff, I had a hell of a time, and as promised, you will always have a special place in my heart. Namaste.

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