Bites in Byron

As if I didn’t love it enough already Byron Bay has an unreal, diverse food scene.  As my friend Danny would say, they replicate things VERY well in Australia.  I feel like my taste buds have already travelled the globe.  Favourite spots so far?

1)Belporto Portugese style chicken burgers.  SO fresh, healthy, and tasty.  They have their own chili sauce that adds a mad kick to any of the options on their small but deadly menu.  Hidden in a bit of an allyway, even though it’s not a secret at all it adds to the ‘whole in the wall’ appreciation. Less than $8 for a massive burger that will fill you up!

2) slice pizza.  Also down an allyway close to the beach.  It was a bit pricy…for a backpacker ($10 for 2 slices and a pop).  Seriously better pizza than I had in Italy.  All sorts of amazing flavours from veggie, to bolognese definitely a worth while stop pre or post sunset walk!

3)I can’t remember the names of 3 or 4…but if you see a Mexican joint and a bakery next to each other they are the ones I’m talking about.  (Byron is small enough that you’ll figure it out).  Mexican burritos etc. …pretty good…$4 fish tacos: amazing.  You probably need 2, but they are so flavorful…and they have cilantro, so I’m happy.

4) the bakery, savory croissants that put Edmonton’s Duchess Bake Shop to shame. What look like amazing baguettes and macarons as well.

5)Vegan/vegetarian place….name also forgotten.  If I had those recipes I wouldn’t eat meat or dairy every again either.  I’ve only tried the pumpkin cake…but it was amazing. (Aussies love their pumpkin & Beetroot…)

6) Mokha.  Treated myself to a good breakfast today to counteract the damage goon 3 nights in a row has probably done.  I got the “Bay Omelette”…$15 for a 3 free range egg omelette with salmon, cream cheese, dill, avocado, and a roasted tomato.  Served with home made organic sourdough bread.  Not greasy at all. Simply great.

7) some Indian place down the asian allyway…its an ally parallel to the beach that has japanese, thai, indian, and a random greek place.  The indian was so flavorful and less than $10 for a bowl of rice with 3 curries.  So full, and such great flavors for a relatively excellent price.

8) Euro Sushi.  $2.50 per role which is about 3 inches wide…like an uncut 3 rolls in North America.  Super fresh, TONS of options…and pretty cheap considering 2 rolls typically fills me up.  It is interesting how sushi in every beach town so far has meant rolls…never just fish…and rarely any cooked Japanese food.


On my backpacker budget that’s been as far as I’ve gotten….although I think I’ve done pretty well and found some pretty good deals along the way as well.  I’m currently trying really hard not to let myself indulge in the handmade jewlery as much as I have in the food.  Both because metal is heavy to carry…and I’m really not as loaded as I seem to think I am these days.

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