We did Ocean Rafting to the Whitsunday Islands which was AMAZING!! Most people do live-aboards on the sail boats and go for a couple nights but the 1 minute/day shower rule didn’t exactly entice me. Ocean rafts went 60km/hr with wind at about the same, so there were times where we were basically facing 120k of wind. It was windy and wet as we conquered 3m waves and visited what most do in 3 days in only 8 hours. If you want action shots or video check out Ocean Rafting on Facebook (I went on the 12) or there are some shots under the snapshot tab.

It was the first place I’ve been where I was actually ‘wowed’, it looked better than the post cards and the sand has super high silica content which worked out as a free exfoliating scrub! We went for a walk, to the beach, had a buffet lunch, and snorkelled the reef. We had to wear stinger suits (Free with my student card!), which I may add is just lycra/spandex similar to lululemon’s fabric ‘luxtreme’…it doesn’t have anything more special in it. So if you are travelling with spandex you can save yourself the rental fee and wear that in the water instead…just make sure it’s tight. The harmful stingers are the size of a fingernail and can get in baggy suits.

Bonus, the wind and salt water gave my hair a lovely beach bum look for the rest of the day…Might as well have gone to the spa!

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