travellerproblems #5

The travel agents that could. I’ve been in a bit of a shit mood the past couple days because I feel totally ripped off by the travel agent in Cairns. Somehow, when we went in looking for a bus down the coast and a cheap Fraser Island tour we ended up booking 2 nights in Magnetic Island, a Whitsundays tour, and Fraser Island. That’s her job…but here pushing for time and ‘okay I’m booking’ rather than ‘is this what you would like to do?’ really drove me crazy. We didn’t even get what she said we paid for, and she mislead us on the busses. ALSO, she didn’t send me any of my vouchers so I couldn’t get into our hostel until 4 hours after we arrived. What a gem.

Further elaboration on the buses:
There are 2 options to bus down the east coast of Australia. Premier and Greyhound. If you don’t want to read this whole blurb, just pick Greyhound.
Our travel agent simply said Premier is $50 cheaper than Greyhound, which one do you want to use? The obvious backpacker answer is: Premier…obviously. What she failed to mention was that it runs only once per day not 5 times. Had we picked greyhound we could have done day trips along the coast (arrived in the morning, departed at night), and we could have done night buses which would have saved a night accommodation. You get your money back from being able to do night buses to save on hostel, and you get to see more places, and not arrive in places at really weird times. Additionally…based on the drop off point in Townsville, Greyhound has better p/u locations as well.

Long story short, I’ve returned to hating travel agents for their sneaky ways and only trusting myself to book my tours and travel arrangements.

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