Magnetic Island

First, the travel agent said that all our bookings were all inclusive. I wasn’t expecting Mexico style all inclusive with liquor…but 1 pizza OR 1 jug of beer for 2 days isn’t exactly a well-balanced diet (even with my reduced caloric intake/needs). We also needed to pay 3 bucks each way on the bus to get here because it’s a 7km hilly walk across the island.

It’s kind of like the non-resort parts of Mexico…nice enough, warm enough, but totally bush league. Snorkel masks are available but Nov-May is Stinger month, so even though we paid in our package for the masks/flippers, the anti sting body suits are 30 bucks a pop. If Steve Irwin hadn’t died from one I might have risked it…but if he can’t survive, I’m surely bound not to either.

The hostel is adjacent to a Koala Sanctuary ($25 entry), and offers pellets to feed Wallabys. Fun fact: Koalas have the highest Chlamydia rate in the world. For those who know me, I’m sure you can imagine the unimpressed gaze on my face as I sit on a garbage filled beach simultaneously keeping tabs on the US Election avoiding the STI infested animals at the ‘resort hostel’. I believe she mentioned this was the ‘relaxing’ side of the island, so perhaps we’re just in the wrong place, but it seems the people here are rather rubbish also; the reception is catty and unhelpful, and other travellers are all annoying couples. Also, Vodafone doesn’t work on Magnetic Island which was a great surprise when trying to call my travel agent who didn’t send my voucher.

That’s my rant…Clearly Magnetic Island is not my cup of tea, so off to Airlie Beach tomorrow to hopefully have a great time and meet more sweet people. The people at Nomads Cairns made it truly awesome! If you are headed to Carins definitely give it a go (NOT the esplanade-it’s gross! The one on Lake Street). We will be staying a week in Airlie Beach which will be good for some stability, buying more groceries, and unfortunately it’s time for laundry. We have a one day Whitsundays tour booked as well which should be sweet…apparently there’s 70+ islands!

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