Jetstar and Cairns

They get their own post because in general I found my latest airport experience to be fascinating to say the least.
First, I didn’t get asked for ID…not even once. Not to check in, not at security, not to get on the plane. Convenient? Perhaps…Settling? Far from it.
Second, ‘in-flight entertainment available’ really means pay 10 dollars for an iPad you can play on…and for everyone else, too bad so sad. There isn’t even a shared TV or music.
Third, don’t wait for your free refreshment to kill time. A soft drink, water, coffee, or tea will cost you $3 and pretzel snacks $4.50. I guess I should have taken the free sprinkled chocolates after all.
Bonus: Their flight attendants wear orange blazers…ew.
That is all.

A Sweaty Mess called Cairns…
I don’t think I’ll be working out here because my body has been tricked into always thinking it’s just worked out. Sweat. All. The. Time. Better yet, it’s supposed to get hotter here. November is like our April/May…I will be avoiding Cairns at all cost as soon as I leave a few days from now. As for work there seems to be stuff on Magnetic Island and Airlie beach so I’ll have to check that out, as for now I have 4 more days to get a good bronze on.
As for the creatures of ‘tropical Queensland’ there are flies that pee on you and give you little red spots. There are also fruit bats…NOT fun to discover when trotting home from a Halloween party. And I’ve legitimately been told to stay away from the lagoon because of the crocodiles.
On the theme of the Halloween party… I arrived in Cairns Wednesday morning with the intention of having a lazy lay around day. I was promptly informed that there was a Halloween party happening at the hostel that night and in an attempt to make travel buddies I decided I had to go. Everyone had already started drinking at noon, and costumes were being built. Most of the men went in drag, most of the girls random costumes that were clearly selling for cheap at the local holiday store. 2L of wine and a few glasses of punch later I was speaking to the French at ease and confidently shouting in my newly developed aussie accent. I also won a balloon popping contest with another Canadian girl and face planted trying to pick up a corona case to win a trip to the barrier reef.

On the bright side, Nomads Cairns is a GREAT hostel. Clean and the people are lovely. Huge kitchen which really helps saving funds. SO MANY GERMANS.

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