The Traveller’s Diet

Really it’s not a diet…it’s a budget. I’d say I’ve dropped 5 ish pounds while being in Sydney which is the opposite of what happened in Mexico, Vegas, or Vancouver this year.
Mexico: Buffets and liquor (sugary purple drink) that are unlimited. Not a thought crosses your mind about calories, simply getting your moneys worth, and refilling your bubba thermo-mug. That week wasn’t pretty…good thing we were at a geriatric resort that didn’t take much to impress. Oh, and the ‘lazy river’ didn’t help much either i.e.: Should we visit the Mayan ruins? Nah, let’s do 5 more laps…
Vegas: As soon as you pay $20 for a beverage at the pool your entire perspective of saving money is shot. In addition, always being tipsy in 5 inch heels doesn’t result in walking very far, and let’s be honest any calorie burned dancing is replaced 10 fold in liquor and In-n-out burger.
Vancouver: Family. Doesn’t that explain enough? Read A Taste of Vancouver and you might get full just from reading. The thing is, is when you’re with our family it’s all about the food which has great short term satisfaction and terrible long term regret.

So what’s the difference here? Not necessarily Sydney…but the mindset I have knowing I’ll be travelling for a while. The thought that the $3.50 bus ride will feed me for an extra day in Asia, or that I probably don’t need to pay $4 for a coffee smaller than a Starbucks tall, is saving me not only money, but calories. Instead of paying for the bus, walking 10km really isn’t that brutal when you’ve got a whole day free of other commitments, plus you get to see more of wherever you are. In addition I’m sticking to running or walking because they are free instead of paying $20 every time I hit up hot yoga. Never mind the fact that I’m about to be in a bikini for probably a solid 6 months straight, which is motivation enough. As I’m well aware of back home, shopping in grocery stores is way cheaper than eating out. Luckily with Australia most of the great restaurants are Asian, and knowing I’ll be there eventually is really helping me not over indulge. All that to say, saving cash is resulting in eating less, better, and walking more: which never hurt anybody.

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