travellerproblems #4


My 19 hour transit time has turned into 22.  Escaping North Americas weather brutalities has its difficulties.  Even though I’m escaping to sunny Australia, it seems as though every flight in North America is delayed an hour or two…which when trying to make connections is a royal mess.  Anyhow I am in the Vancouver airport hanging out at Monk’s (Try the seafood tacos–amazing!) for a 4.5 hour layover until my YVR>SYD flight.  Originally I was headed yyc>sfo>syd, but a lightning storm in Chicago made the first flight too late…which means I get double the layover and an extra 2 hours added to what was originally a 15 hour flight…and the YVR>SYD flight is now delayed…

That’s my rant.

I’m really not complaining at all…I’m going on the trip of a lifetime and I’m so excited for it!!  That being said I arrive in Sydney on Wed at 9am local time.  Which is 17 hours ahead…so 4pm mountain time…which means due to the time difference I’m completely missing Tuesday, October 23 this year.  Or I’ll experience it eating my ONE half stale meal somewhere over the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Fiji.

Just a quick check in!  My next post will be from Oz =)

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