When in Sydney

Ahhh I’m so excited to share this post with you all!  So here’s the background, I’m leaving in THREE sleeps for Oz, so I figured might as well attempt to apply for some jobs and look at places to live seeing as how I can actually make appointments with people relatively soon.  Most of the jobs I’ve applied for seem to reply with “come visit when you get here”, and most of the places to live are not willing to wait to make an appointment because they rent by the week so turnover is much quicker.

I will begin by discussing places to live.  So this is ONLY in Sydney, I’ve looked at other places too (Melbourne, cairns, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron…) but for some reason Sydney has some sort of extra charm.  There are ads on gumtree [basically Aussie Kijiji] for roomshares and flat shares.  As much as a roomshare could suck, it could be decent if I shared with one person and saved tons of cash ( I thought).  So here are some of the ads I managed to find.

” FREE kimchi 
FREE rice 
FREE washing powder 
FREE toilet paper 
FREE laundry & dryer 
FREE wifi 
FREE foxtell”

The free toilet paper thing is pretty sick…however I cannot imagine how my belongings would smell with unlimited rice and kimchi being produced in a 2bdrm apartment in Sydney CBD (CBD is central business district…basically ‘downtown’_)

“free for attractive femail 16-25”


“free toilet paper, rice, laundry, wifi. Pool and sauna and gym in building. close to transit…”


…”share 2bdrm 1bath with 7 students from asia”

no, gracias.

“share double bed with german girl in sydneycbd 200pw plus bills plus wifi”

In what world is that acceptable or a good deal…maybe if it were a German boy…

So, you get the point. Moving on to jobs.  I’m planning on applying for cafe jobs because they’re fun, I’ve done it here, and I figure I have to pack less nice clothes.  I applied for the following ad (once again on gumtree)

“looking for 2 cafe all rounders/baristas to start asap.  make great cash and meet lots of new people.  ideal for holiday visas/backpackers.  email your CV , info about yourself, and a photo so we know who we’re chatting with to  ____ for more information on an awesome job near the beach today!”

Vague, no website…I get how it’s not gleaming with legitimacy, but I did NOT expect this reply:

Hi babe 
the boss loves ur photo and asked me to send u this package below 
thank you for your reply, your job is looking after 25promo girls,
travel arrangements
and travel with him ,organising meetings and sit in them,with him
,all the admin which he will train u paying the girls, typing
proposals, getting in sponcers …
5.1 Your Total Salary will be aprox $1000.00 per week, paid weekly.
5.2 Your salary shall be reviewed annually to such an amount as may be
recommended by your manager.
5.3 An annual salary review does not necessarily guarantee an increase
your salary.
5.4 10% shall be paid every time you bring in a sponsor.
5.5 $100.00 shall be paid every time your promo girls sell a
cruise.2000×100= 200k
5.6 If you complete a sale of the boat injune 2012, you shall receive a
bonus of $250,000 .
5.7 so total payout should be 500k.possable 1milliom.
5.8 company car (sporty) in Sydney
5.90 end of the months shopping time/day spa
5.10 Every second week hair and nails, pedicure
u provided u keep
him happy on the side .. are u up for it its fun babe
discretely wat are ur thoughts . .
when are u free to meet up with him for an interview


p.sbabe u will set ur self up for life r u up for a challenge

So, yeah. That being said, if anybody has any opinions on where to live in Australia while trying to make money and have fun, or where to work, or has a friend needing a flatmate for a reasonable price, I’d love to hear from you.

Three Sleeps!!

2 responses to “When in Sydney

  1. i asked my old flatmates from sydney if they are looking – will let you know if they do. sadly, the cost of toilet paper is shared. if you need a place to stay in the meantime, i stayed at base hostel for about 6 weeks and it was pretty decent. wake up is good too but not as central.

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