travellerproblems #3

Today is just a lovely joy.  I am currently uploading scanned copies of my passport, health care, birth certificate, credit cards, photos, and phone numbers to online files so that if I lose anything/get robbed it will all be accessible.

This is happening because my Mom made me do it before we went to Europe which I thought was very annoying until I temporarily lost my passport in Charles de Gaulle.  Air Canada was willing to let me on the plane from Paris>Montreal with just the scanned copy of my current passport.  Luckily the shuttle I had dropped my passport in finally did return and I got it back, but knowing that it would have gotten me on the flight was enough motivation to upload all documents again.

Yes, this means I’ll have to find an internet connection to access anything but that is much easier than actually getting to an embassy in many situations.  And it will save time for me to have the international help numbers for lost VISA and Mastercard  as opposed to googling on what could be some seriously slow dial up connections.

As monotonous and annoying as the task is it is helping me make sure I have everything, and from experience I know it will actually be worth my time if something happens abroad.

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