Runners: Check!

On the subject of Vancouver, there’s nothing like a good sea wall run to get your running gears going…

Two years ago when I started working for lululemon I was told to make a BHAG (a Big Hairy Audacious Goal).  I might have been trying to impress people because everyone else had insane goals: Do a dig in Greece, Summit Kilimanjaro, Bungee in NZ, Start an Orphanage in Asia… Anyway, mine was to run a marathon on 6 continents (not Antarctica) by 2020.  I had run 2 halfs and a full (Royal Victoria) the previous year and felt like ‘runner’ was the sweat identity I held in the store.  Within a solid 2 months I think I had gone for a total of 2 runs in Edmonton’s -20 degree weather so I changed my goals to yoga chalenges and eating local organic food as stretchy pant selling yogis do.  Two sobering years later I have realized that’s actually the most exciting goal I had while I worked there.  However, training for 42km while travelling is not going to be fun, so I will settle for a half on each continent.

Goal: Run a Half-Marathon in South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America  by October 2020.

I believe running is the best way to get to know a new place, and typically organized runs strategically pass through a place’s most stunning areas for tourist reasons.  There’s over 10 Half Marathon events in Australia over the next year…I’m in a toss up between the Sydney Marathon, The Australian Outback Marathon, and the Convicts and Wenches Australia Day run.  I mean the Sydney Marathon is going to be the most classic event …but it’s not until September so if I don’t like Aus that’s off the list.  The outback marathon is like a getaway experience where people camp at Ayers Rock…could be fun?  And Convicts and Wenches, well I think that’s just self explanitory.  Not to say I can’t do more than one if I’m there for a year, but at this point those are the contenders.  Bonus: I will stay fit enough to live in a bikini for the next year+ of my life.

That being said, if you have any suggestions for runs around the world let me know! …More importantly, if you want to join for any of them I’d be jacked to have a running partner!

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