travellerproblems #2

Travellerproblems #2

Vaccinations:  I had quite the fun times trying to get my travel vaccinations for a couple reasons.  First, as a recent grad my insurance under my parents was running out at the end of summer, and as a procrastinator extraordinaire, I hadn’t looked into it. Second, travel clinics book up almost 2 weeks ahead of time.  Third, Medicenter doctors are morons.

If you are going somewhere in Asia, Africa, or tropical South America look into the Yellow Fever vaccine.  Only certain clinics have the vaccine (pharmacies don’t) and you need to get an official document saying you got it to even enter into countries.   As my nurse told me, it’s good to have even if you are flying close to somewhere that needs it, as detoured air routes could land you unexpectedly somewhere and without the vaccine you wouldn’t be allowed to get off the plane.

From my experience as one of the only people who didn’t get ‘sick’ in Peru…take travellers diarrhea meds.  It’s a mix drinks a couple weeks before you leave.  It’s a little pricy, but worth every dime in my opinion.  If you get a second dose within 5 years it’s good for another 2!  Also, look into seasons for malaria pills, and understand which ones you’re being prescribed.  Some are daily, others aren’t…but there are also different levels of protection.  Also, most insurance will only cover 36 days of pills at a time for Malerone…so if you need a few months worth make sure you go ahead of time as they can issue more every 2 months.

The rest of it was pretty straight forward once I went to the travel clinic…I also got some generic rounds of meds as a ‘just in case’ for infections.

What the Medicenter doc told me when I said I’m going around the world I need everything: that I didn’t need malaria pills (because it’s not actually that bad), that yellow fever was free at the community clinic (NOT), there was no preventative drug for travellers’ diarrhea, Hep A doesn’t need a booster (SO not true, it needs one within  6—12 months).   So we can imagine how sick I could’ve gotten if I didn’t go do my own research and figure out he was a quack.  I went because the fee was $40 vs. $70 at the travel clinic (which was also full)…not worth it friends.  For anyone in yyc, the clinic in Foothills ind. Park was the ONLY one in the city with next day appts.

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