A Taste of Vancouver

So I was in Vancouver, BC for the weekend visiting family before I leave on my big trip.  One thing Van city is never short on is sweet dining locations (especially Asian ones).  We went to a Japanese place called Nanaimo Sushi  that was excellent and crazy cheap one day (Like $70 for a huge meal of sashimi and hot food for 6 people that walked away full).  We also went to a Shanghai style Chinese restaurant which was different than what most Albertans consider to be Chinese food.  There was a lot more dough and less frying in most of the food.  But among my favourite, deep fried rice (almost like a rice crispy square sans marshmallow) that you put a sauce on top of…sweet texture for sure.  And of course, we went f0r dim sum (or ‘tea’) a couple times as well.  The funny thing is that people in BC are still rather terrified of beef from the XL scare in Alberta.  As my Dad and I really didn’t care it was quite the hoot to order beef in restaurants and see the staffs disapproving reactions.

Anyway, on my last night my aunt and I went out to celebrate our birthdays together in downtown Vancouver.  We first went to a Japanese Izakaya, Kingyo Izakaya which was unreal food!  That’s were my lovely prawn photo is from.  We got sashimi prawns, then sent the head and tail back to get deep fried…tasted like a shrimp chip! And a source of calcium. We also had black cod which is marinated in kasu, which is a by-product of sake production.  One of my favourites was the Ahi Tuna Carpaccio which was ahi tuna sashimi on avocado and greens, with sprouts, garlic chips, and an aoli sauce on top–SO tasty!   I had my first drink of sake which was also pretty cool as my aunt is trained in sake, so I got to learn more about how to drink it respectfully …not in sake bomb form.

From there we walked down and along the water front (Beware of the 9pm cannon), until we found Bella Gelateria one of my aunts favourite gelato places in Vancouver.  It was amazing.  I had chocolate-cherry and earl grey tea flavours and my aunt had banana bread and salted caramel…all were unreal.  I hate to say it but maybe even tastier than the gelato I had in Italy.  Definitely go give it a try, it’s right by the convention center and a short walk from gas town.

In gas town I went to a place a few nights prior with a friend from home called the Black Frog which is a play on the Black Dog (for those of you from Edmonton).  I had a lovely cider as I gazed at all of the Oilers paraphernalia on the walls.  All of the FOH staff have lived in Alberta and the friendliness definitely shows.  After we left we went to an  Irish Pub where we waited in the stanchions (where there was no body else in line) for a solid 5 minutes while the doormen refused to look at us as we weren’t decked out enough for a night out in Van.  Granville street was definitely busy though, the way people were dressed and what I could see from clubs was a vague reminder of Vegas.   It’s okay though, because just west of Granville and Davie we found amazing pizza.  Even though he was several beer deep I was sober enough to know it was better than just a greasy slice.  I can’t remember the name for my life but it was just left of a fry/poutine joint.  Wait for a fresh slice, but the grease-less crust and loaded toppings are worth the 2.50/slice.

That’s my quick food recap on van.  I’m sure much more entertaining photos are to come once I’m actually around the world….(dreading Vegemite)

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